The progressive refinement of suitable contractual solutions to face a more complex and unpredictable (in terms of the analysis of economic and financial repercussions, the inclusion of clauses which can potentially attack, the clear determination of the applicable law, fiscal implications etc.) presents a challenge and therefore inevitably requires a multidisciplinary approach which in turn can only be entrusted to an organized and high profile “team”.

The firm of Briozzo-Quattrini deal with wide range of contracts the most common ranging from contracts for the sale of real estate (to buyers located abroad), more insidious contracts, or in the case of Italian construction companies proposing  to operate in France or England, or vice versa; or in the case of French construction companies or British firms, alone or in a consortium with Italian companies, proposing to acquire contracts in Italy or, more generally, in cases of clients who wish to make use of foreign construction companies. [1]