Briozzo-Quattrini provides legal advice on international private law and on issues of transnational succession to individuals and companies where there is a need to implement an appropriate planning strategy to manage inter-generational change. This applies to fiscal and legal situations in respect to a plurality of jurisdictions and arranges an international solution aimed at maintaining the estate and to maximize tax savings. This situation often occurs in Italy, France, England or Principality of Monaco, with the heirs of an estate being spread across multiple countries, with consequent problems – often complex, concerning the identification of the applicable succession law. Hence the need for a thorough evaluation of the regulatory framework for each country involved.

In a recent case study, a Monegasque citizen passed away in the Principality leaving their French heirs a real estate portfolio which included assets of significant value located in Italy. A delicate debate ensued on private international law which required a thorough examination of doctrinal and jurisprudential development, given the absence of a specific French law regarding a ruling on jurisdictional conflict in the case of an inheritance.